Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sony Products, software/hardware/etc.

I couldn't help but address a few things about Sony. The products I am most familiar with are video & audio editing programs. These are in my opinion outstanding! I have to add; in my opinion Sony could be one of the most competitive creative software companies running against Adobe & Corel. Sony programs are highend, high dollar, & high performance. The ones I have used Vegas Pro, SoundForge & Acid Pro have been the easiest as far as learning curve goes. They also are more streamlined and time efficient in regards to that. I can do some projects end to end with Sony in 1/3 or 1/2 the time they take on a Premier Pro & After Effects. In terms of competing with Photoshop, I have not used any Sony photography editing software, but I would like to test drive some.
Then there is the issue of cameras, file types, compression, and compatability. This is where Sony drops the ball. When I was at the national SPE conference in 2012 Sony had a booth there. I was toeing around the expo and overheard a fellow photog asking the Sony rep about a program that they could use to view AVCHD files on a Mac. He replied, "I'm  sorry but I don't know of any." I personally delt with that problem in 2008 when I purchased a Sony AVCHD video camera for a freelance job. My Mac had no idea what these files were. I called Sony and they were dead ended. I did some digging online and found a 3rd party software company in Australia that had created a converter. I don't recal the name offhand , but I purchased a license from them. Cool! Well sortof. Now I could convert to MPEG but the file size grew tremendously & conversion time was not flattering. As long as I kept shots short 1-3 minutes it went pretty well. Still I could not preview a file to make sure I was converting the right clip.... Major let down. Sony would only recommend Sony programs which only work on Windows & an emulator is more bs than it's worth so I lived with it & worked around it. Then years later...While looking for a file viewer I came across VLC media player. Woohoo it would allow me to preview AVCHD on my Mac. I recommend the free download to The fellow photog at the Sony booth & got into a brief chat with the rep. He made a note of the program & politely thanked me for my help.
Now that is out of the way. What about Sony computers? Everyone I touch I like!! So here is my suggestion to Sony: amazing cameras, amazing software, amazing computers.... So go ahead and create your own OS!!! Why not? Create a operating system for your computers that is performance & creativity based. Mac is falling into a fad of junk apps & slow your day down crap while windows required maintenance and leaves a lot to be desired in the high performance area. If Sony released a super fine ontegratable OS I would be very interested. Hopefully it could cut down the price of there software a little but none the less it could be huge. Could it run as a startup OS seperated in addition to your usual OSX, Win, or Lenox OS. Optimized for performance and editing alone. O my.. I get excited just thinking about something like that. No other programs running..slowing down your computer, and your progress, distracting you from your work. I suppose they could make a more general OS & only use it on Sony computers. This could also be amazing but could be much riskier than the before mentioned as a business move and investment. Either way I think Sony needs an OS all it's own. 

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