I see things that are obviously not real every day. Sometimes they are presented with the intention of deceiving the gullible or just to get a laugh out of your average person. Who knows?..  I remember laughing when I saw a batboy on the cover of The Enquirer several years ago.  Tabloids and television shows bask in less obvious acts of trickery, but the point is, acting and manipulating can be fun! The fact that some people believe in things like batboy just makes it even more exciting.  
          I created a short series of photographs where I play a variety of characters; or really (all of the characters).  I altered my appearance by shaving and wearing several costumes, in order to create a convincing scene where a character is working his way through a story. The main character is placed into several incorrigible predicaments in which it appears that something important is going on.  This is me dabbling with digital manipulation and one of my favorite story genres, mobsters! Is someone a killer for hire or, is someone paying for the chance to kill an enemy, or better yet, is he paying to meet the boss and being forced to murder someone as some sort of initiation??? I will leave the story up to you. Hope you enjoy.

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